Privacy Aware Marketing
04/06 track 1 – 15.00

Tom Haegemans co-founded Digita and is adjunct professor at KU Leuven.

At Digita, he is responsible for research and development and at KU Leuven he teaches about management information systems.

He holds a PhD in Business Economics, a Master’s degree in Information Management and a Bachelor’s degree in IT.

His research about data quality is published in well-respected scientific journals.

Before co-founding Digita, Tom was a Researcher at KU Leuven and a Visiting Researcher at the University of Cambridge.

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Within the Hub DATA, we keep track of important evolutions that are happening in the marketplace.

One subject that is hot today, is the question if and how consumers will get control over their personal data, as the GDPR intended.

Data are facts about humans and those humans are tired of companies abusing their personal information.

You wouldn’t like to have your data breached and neither does your customer.

This has created an environment where privacy-aware organisations are rewarded for their reputation as trusted gatekeepers.