About The Meaningful Marketing Talks

In a rapidly changing world, predicting what’s next is trickier than ever before. And while we don’t claim to have a crystal ball, we do have the Meaningful Marketing Talks: 7 forward-thinking sessions and workshops on what the future of marketing looks like.

we will be exploring meaningful ways to connect with the hearts and minds of customers. And you’ll get the opportunity to learn from the best in the fields of … 

  • Sustainability, 
  • MarTech, 
  • Legal, 
  • and Inclusion & Diversity. 

About BAM

BAM, short for the Belgian Association of Marketing, is the largest professional association for marketing in Belgium. BAM’s mission is to create value and build lasting relationships. The association wants to pass on this belief in meaningful marketing to everyone who crosses its path. A focus on sustainability, inclusion & diversity, technology and privacy & ethics gives this belief extra substance.

Only in this way is BAM able to give meaning to marketing. Only in this way is BAM able to help professionals place marketing at the heart of their organization.

To fulfill this mission, BAM is an open community and actively seeks partnerships. The BAM network is a place where professionals can find inspiration, knowledge and cross-pollination.

More info on www.marketing.be.