Renout van Hove

Chief – Growth Agent

Room 3 – 15:25


Renout is an accomplished entrepreneur and growth marketing advisor, known for founding GrowthAgent, a company that uses customer data platforms and predictive models to fuel growth and profitability. With a portfolio of 25 clients, including major players like Ahold Delhaize, Ridley Bikes, and Essentiel Antwerp, Renout has a proven record in driving growth using digital technologies. His extensive experience at tech companies such as, Dell, and HP underlines his expertise in AI transformations.

Renout co-authored the book “Obsessed”, a comprehensive guide to navigating the data landscape and preparing businesses for the AI era. His insights extend beyond writing, having led sessions at various conferences on topics like martech tools, data-driven decision making, and predictive marketing. Renout is committed to helping organizations achieve scalable and predictable growth through the right technology.


Changing the Record: Spotify’s guiding principles that can help disrupt any industry

Translating Spotify’s Success to Other Industries”, we will delve into the powerful strategies that have made Spotify a leader in the music industry. We’ll dive into the business model tactics of their subscription model, personalized levels, the freemium business model, and their guiding light – the North Star Metric. Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, or tech, there’s a wealth of insight to be gained from Spotify’s innovative approach.