Pauline Theunis

Pauline Theunis

3:50 PM


Pauline Theunis is Industry Solution Advisor & Architect at Salesforce with a focus on Healthcare & Life Sciences and Sustainability. She is on a mission to help companies be a platform for change and she is always eager to co-create, innovate, learn and make this world a better place. She was Charity Tribe Leader in her previous company and at Salesforce she heads our local sustainability practice. Next to her job at Salesforce, she’s eager to get a postgraduate degree in Energy & Climate.


Title:Take tangible steps to achieve carbon neutrality : Go to Net Zero Cloud


We are in a climate emergency and it’s time for bold leadership. At Salesforce, we are committed to bringing our full power to accelerate the world’s journey to net zero, because everything rests on a stable climate.
The climate emergency presents risks and opportunities for our global community, and for each and every individual and organization. It’s critical we reduce those risks, and shift to focus on new opportunities. With Net Zero Cloud, companies can quickly view, analyze, and report on their environmental footprint, take actions and to to net zero faster.