Nicolas Lambert

Author – Can Marketing save the world
Expert and consultant in marketing and sustainability.
Captain – Think tank Sustainability BAM

Keynote – 16:10

Expert and consultant in marketing and sustainability. ‘Sustainability Think Tank Captain’ at BAM. Author of ‘Le marketing peut-il sauver le monde’ (Racine 2023).  Professor of advertising ethics at HelHa.


Nicolas was CEO of Fairtrade Belgium from 2016 to 2022.  He has also been teaching marketing for more than 10 years at the Louvain School of Management. He was voted ‘marketer of the year’ in Belgium in 2010.  In the first part of his career he held various senior marketing positions at Unilever, InBev and Heineken, in Belgium, the UK and The Netherlands and was strategy director at Darwin BBDO.


In his book ‘Can marketing save the world’, Nicolas Lambert explores the sometimes complex links between marketing and sustainable development.  He will share his vision on the need to re-invent our marketing practices to make them compatible with the well-being of the planet and those who inhabit it.