Kristel Vanderlinden

Founder – FutureKind

Keynote – 09:30 AM


Kristel Vanderlinden has been strategically guiding companies in creating long-term visions for more than 20 years. First as head of strategy at various international and Belgian advertising agencies and foresight consultancies. Kristel founded the Future Business Lab FutureKind – a trend and foresight consultancy – part of +KOO, the Collaborative Intelligence Network.


Kristel approaches marketing and business challenges very a-typically from the societal, ecological and technological challenges in 5 to 7 years. This gives her a unique view of the many challenges and opportunities for future ‘people-friendly’ growth. In addition to trends & insights, long-term strategy, visioneering workshops, future go-to-market plans she also curates future exhibitions, in which human-centric innovation is central.


New Humanity Codes

Does living in an accelerated world imply that we are accelerating as humans too? Are we ready to rewrite the new needed codes for Humanity? Where 30 years ago the big question we wanted to answer was ‘can we’, today’s question starts much more with ‘should we’.  Which leads to an even bigger question: what will our legacy be? Join us on an exploration of these legacy codes in the near and upcoming future.