Kris Michiels

Kris Michiels

Marketing & Sales Director @ Nationale Loterij

Member – BAM Think tank Sustainability

Room 1 – 15:35


Kris Michiels has over 15 years of marketing experience. From a digital startup to the big Unilever, he crafted compelling brand strategies, created brands and products from scratch and developed award winning communication. His marketing vision is centered around real consumer connections, purpose driven brands and the power of creativity. Sustainability and making an impact via brands, has been a “fil rouge” throughout his career. Next to that, you can find him on stages and at universities talking about positive, playful leadership, discovering your purpose, marketing trends, lean innovation, meaningful marketing, data & tech and how to move from think to do. His favourite ice cream is Ben&Jerry’s Cookie Dough.


Test your knowledge: are you a king of sustainability or just at the start of the journey ?

Want to learn more about marketing and sustainability ?  The BAM Sustainability Think Tank invites you to their ‘pub quizz’.  And as Mandela said, either you will win or you will learn.  Join us for 20 minutes of fun and knowledge, hosted by Kris Michiels.