Hubert de Cartier

Hubert de Cartier

Partner & Project Director – Universem

Room 3 – 15:10


Hubert is the co-founder & partner of Universem, a digital & business agency supporting customers like MediaMarkt, Orange, MeDirect or Leonidas. Since 2010, he is advising companies on their digital strategies and how to leverage the opportunities to support their growth.


How AI is helping the retail marketer to be more efficient & more creative? Practical cases. 


Over the past months, nearly everyone heard about ChatGPT and tested a few prompts with interesting answers. But who really used ChatGPT and other AI tools to go to the next level in terms of creativity and efficiency?
At Universem, we have been using AI for years. The Chat GPT’s buzz at the beginning of the year has been the perfect opportunity to raise discussions. In this presentation, we will share our experiences and insights on how AI is transforming digital marketing strategies, improving customer experience, and increasing sales with practical cases for the retail sector.