Eva Vandenberge

Insights Director – Boobook
Board member – CUBE

Room 1 – 14:45

Businesses & customers are in this together: How businesses & customers impact each other to make more sustainable choices


Should I buy this product from brand A, who claims to use sustainable material, or from brand B, who claims to use renewable energy sources?


Customers often struggle to understand which product or service is more sustainable and why, it is very hard for customers to know which company to trust in, to believe the products/services they buy are truly sustainable.


Both businesses and end customers increasingly recognize the importance of environmental responsibility. Many companies take actions to become more sustainable, and many customers want to make sustainable choices. But how do companies decide in what to invest and what is the role of the end customer in this decision? And how do customers decide in which product or service to buy, and what is the role of the actions regarding sustainability of brands?


Boobook talked to several companies about how they decide in which actions to invest, about the role of the end customer in this decision, about how they help customers make a sustainable decision, and about how they plan to overcome the sustainability trust gap.