Daan Poron

Blockchain R&D Engineer – Settlemint

Room 1 – 11:50

Daan Poron is a Blockchain R&D Engineer at SettleMint, a company that guides brands in the journey of transforming with blockchain. With over 15 years experience in using technology to enhance human experiences, Daan immediately saw the potential of blockchain to positively impact our daily interactions with the world around us. He started experimenting with blockchain 6 years ago, and has been involved in several blockchain initiatives for governments and banks among many others. Daan combines deep technical blockchain skills and insights with a human-first mindset focusing on the value it can bring to brands for optimising internal processes, as well as bringing new experiences to customers.


Blockchain as an enabler for new customer experiences


This talk will focus on how blockchain technology unlocks new opportunities for brands to engage with their customers. It will show how Digital identity and NFT’s open up a whole new world of customer experiences, and is packed with inspiring real-life examples of how this technology is used by big brands.