Arnaud Tasiaux

Business Humanizer and Partner – Innate Motion

Room 1 – 15:10


Arnaud is a Business Humanizer and Partner at Innate Motion, a strategic positioning and business transformation agency that drives growth and sustainability through the application of human logic. He works with a team of 40 collaborators worldwide, mainly serving global clients by challenging the
traditional business logic that prioritizes profit over people. Innate Motion is a B Corp since 2014, and also founder of the Regenerative Alliance.


Utopia Brands

Utopia Brands makes the case for a reinvention of the discipline of branding, away from the shallow marketing tools invented in the 60s. It outlines an approach of “deep” branding that puts the development of a brand “Utopia” at its core, complemented by 3 tools: transparency, abundance and community. An approach that turns branding into a leadership tool, and equips CMOs and CEOs with the thoughtware necessary to make positive impact on the world, and grow their business.