Data Revolution is changing OOH
05/06 Track 1 15.30

Kathy Vandevelde is Head of Go to Market at Clear Channel Belgium.

Clear Channel Belgium is a company that works with advertisers to create inspiring out-of-home advertising campaigns, enabling brands to meet and engage people when they’re out and about.

Clear Channel offers its clients a wide range of solutions. The standard solutions within a network and the vast variety of creative and customised possibilities consist of traditional, digital and out-of-the-box solutions.

These advertising solutions can be seen in many different places: billboards, mega banners, bus shelters and map displays in the streets, close to points of sale, and in and on buses.


Raphael AMORY is Partner at SIRIUS INSIGHT and Advisor for Analytics for strategic decisions.

SIRIUS INSIGHT is a company that is leading expert in geomarketing and predictive analytics to take optimal business decisions.

With unique models, detailed data and advanced analytics, SIRIUS Insight’s experts bring you the insight you need for strategic decisions.

SIRIUS INSIGHT has 25 years experience in geomarketing in Belgium, they have  established a leading position in terms of data quality and predictive analytics models.

Business: Clear Channel Belgium and Partner Sirius Insight


Title: ‘Data Revolution is changing OOH’

Summary: Where does OUT OF HOME stand in the era of Big Data, Hyper-personalization, addressable advertising and ad-blockers? What if we could understand and target the socio-demographic profiles & lifestyle interests of ‘On-The-Go consumers’ walking by a billboard—at any given moment and at any location? OOH is going through a metamorphosis to become of the most trend-setting medias of our time. Follow your audience & increase your ROI thanks to Big Data, as well as the ever-growing capacities of algorithms and systems.

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Come and discover the results of the collaboration between Clear Channel Belgium (one of the largest actors and pioneers of Out of Home) and Sirius Insight – a company allying analytical capacities, detailed data, precise modelling and expert platforms.