Master Marketer Lifetime Achievement 2019
05/06 Track 2 – 12.00

Jan Callebaut is Founding Partner at Callebaut Collective.

Callebaut Collective is an ecosystem of strategic advisors and trusted partners in execution.

Their uncompromising mission is to create customer value through the identification of the sweet spot where customers’ needs meet business needs, enabled by technology, in a way that allows for differentiation within the context you’re competing in.

Jan Callebaut is Director of the University of Flanders.

He is the founder of innocenti vzw, a non-prfit organisation that fights hunger in the fourth world.

He is also the CEO of WHY5Research,  an expert research hub active in more than 25 countries.

WHY5 identifies, measures and interprets what drives  consumers by answering and framing those 5 critical questions: why, who, what, where and when?

The dedicated senior team of WHY5  offers cutting edge expertise in conducting tailor made qualitative and quantitative diagnostic research.

Business: Why5Research


Title: How good marketing can save the world

Summary: Marketing is perhaps the most acclaimed word in any language.

Real marketing is looking for and building relationships.

A brand is a metaphor of a relationship.

Good marketing believes in the benefit of the relationship.

A good marketer sees the world through the eyes of others.

Good marketing requires variation.

Is there ethics in marketing?