Prof. Dr. Jacques Folon

6:10 PM
    • Prof. Dr. Jacques Folon is a lawyer, agrégé, master in tax law, doctor in political and social science, professor at ICHEC Brussels and guest professor at the Université Saint-Louis – ISFSC and at Rennes School of Business. He has more than 20 years of experience in data protection, accompanying large public and private organisations, leading or participating in numerous conferences and webinars, designing and leading GDPR training courses. He is the designer and founder of MondossierRGPD (France) and GDPRfolder (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany) an online solution dedicated  to help small organisations demonstrate their compliance with the RGPD.  He has already published and collaborated on some fifteen books, the latest of which, “The DPO’s Survival Guide”, is translated and distributed throughout Europe. He is a regular speaker and media columnist as an expert in data protection to give a relevant opinion on the place of privacy in our society.

Title: GDPR and marketing: what do we do when the law is silent?


    • Contrary to what some people say, the GDPR is not primarily a legal regulation, it is also, and even more importantly, a matter of information security and organisation. Therefore, even though the GDPR consists of 99 articles and 173 whereas, there are still many uncertainties and practical questions for the marketing sector. If  the responsibility of the controller and the sanctions are specified in detail, many questions remain unanswered. How can one be sure that security measures are sufficient, that information to the consumer is complete, that the data privacy officer is competent, that internal procedures are in place and applied, that the controller can demonstrate compliance, that data loss and theft will be managed within 72 hours, that employees are sufficiently trained, etc.? However, marketers are constantly faced with questions that are often not legal, but practical and concrete. Ethics, logic and risk analysis can help them make reasonable decisions with the help of competent professionals.