Isabel Verstraete and Nancy Delhalle

FAM – Female Association of Marketing

05/06 track 1 – 10:00

Isabel Verstraete is Managing Partner at stockmanverstraete.

Stockmanverstraete is a strategy consultancy that helps companies with innovation funnels, ideation workshops, brand strategic projects and communication issues.

Isabel Verstraete is owner and managing director at i-stories, that offers thorough and fresh brand strategy thinking in a no-nonsense way.

Through an i-scan, i-stories analyses the present and makes your brand future proof.

She is also co-founder and managing director at Housestories an eco friendly aparthotel in Brussels renting out furnished and serviced apartments from 1 week on.


Nancy Delhalle is founder and CEO of Mopets, an integrated digital platform dedicated to pets owners.

Mopets combines a social network, a directory and a collaborative platform of services for pets.

Nancy Delhalle has worked over the past years for companies such as Amnesty International, BMW, Bonne Maman, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Ethias etc.

She is also president, expert of hub FAM – the Female Association of Marketing at BAM – Belgian Association for Marketing.

Business: Stockmanverstraete and Serviceplan Benelux


Title: « The Future is Female »: story of a claim

Summary: We now know that in theory, but where in the world do we see the concrete results and who are we talking about?  Are there companies that do better than others?  Is the mentality really changing?  Do business women really help each other and how does this work?  We want to open up the discussion and ambitions and to get ‘female empowerment’ more and more pertinent on the agenda.