Legal HUB
06/06 TRACK 1 – 12.30

Gerrit  Vandendriessche is Partner at ALTIUS, an independent full-service Belgian law firm with an international focus.

ALTIUS helps clients navigate through often-complex legislation and regulatory environments and provide clear solutions to a wide range of legal issues.

In addition to their specialist legal knowledge, they focus on thinking creatively with their clients to offer tailor-made solutions.

Their aim is to turn, through careful listening and awareness, strategic questions into clear, straightforward answers.


Title: Overview of latest regulatory and jurisprudential developments in relation to data/digital/advertising.

Summary: During lunch, Gerrit Vandendriessche will give an overview of recent case law and new laws that are relevant for digital / data / advertising. This will obviously include GDPR (Facebook/Google legal cases), but will also touch upon case law based on competition laws and unfair trade practices. The speaker will further guide you through the main new regulatory developments (B2B unfair trade practices, digital content, geoblocking, etc.).