Géraldine Proust

Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards – Esomar
5:10 PM


Geraldine Proust joined ESOMAR in June 2022 as the Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards, also joining the senior management team of ESOMAR. Geraldine comes to ESOMAR from an 11-year tenure with The Federation of European Data and Marketing (FEDMA), which represents the interests of the European data and marketing industry. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and has the ECBC-B Professional DPO certification from the Maastricht University European Center on Privacy and Cybersecurity. Proust holds a master’s degree of EU law from Panthéon-Sorbonne University and a diploma in legal studies from Oxford University. She previously taught at Human Rights in Europe at the Political Science school of France  (Sciences Po) and EU law at Business School of Troyes.


Title: Making unbiased, representative and active voices be heard


ESOMAR believes that data, insights and analytics should give a voice to individuals in a representative manner and without bias. Geraldine will present advocacy and professional standards highlights including our ESOMAR Congress 2022, the recent ESOMAR/GRBN Guidance on the use of secondary data, best practices to ask age in a way that is comparable from project to project and is also good practice from a privacy point of view.