Digital Maturity Benchmark
06/06 Track 2 – 11.30

Frederik has been working in digital marketing for 10 years, on both the sell- and buy-side. p class=”regular-text dark-blue”>His programmatic advertising experience started in Paris as a media buyer for the German, Dutch and Belgian market, followed by 3 years leading Xaxis, Group M’s trading desk. p class=”regular-text dark-blue”>Today Frederik is a Tech Lead at Google Marketing Platform (formerly Doubleclick), advising clients on how to get the most out of programmatic marketing

Business: Google


Title: Digital Maturity Benchmark

Summary: Empowered by mobile and digital technology, today’s consumers can get exactly what they want, instantly and effortlessly. They expect brands to anticipate their needs, and be there with useful information at the right moment, every time. However, research from Boston Consulting Group shows only 2% of businesses are realising the full potential of data-driven marketing to show up with the right message in just the right moment. Those leading the way are finding pathways to growth and revenue, with up to 30% cost efficiency savings and a 20% increase in revenue.

The Digital Maturity Benchmark is a diagnostic tool developed by Google and Boston Consulting Group. First, it analyses where your business sits on the path to full data-driven marketing. Then, it generates a personalised interactive report to help you level up.

BAM has now collected the first insights of the benchmark done by 20 Belgian companies. Frederik Dooms from Google will share these results with you together with the next steps that will be taken to implement the model further in the Belgian market and to help Belgian companies to further grow in their digital strategies.