BYM – Belgian Young Marketers
06/06 track 2 – 15.30

Catherine De Geest is Digital Expert at Roularta Media Group.

Roularta Media Group is a Belgian multimedia group, market leader in the field of magazines (Dutch/French) (general news magazines, business magazines and sports weeklies, lifestyle and women magazines, medical and professional magazines), internet marketing solutions, local media in Flanders and business television.

Morgane Garot is Media Sales Consultant at Proximus Skynet Advertising.

Proximus Skynet Advertising is a regie that offers a complete range of digital media services and solutions (Web, mobile, direct marketing, press & television) through 3 strategic axes: Understand, Offer and Innovate.

She has also experience as an Expert Programmatic Video at Space, the biggest local Media Agency in Belgium, combining a strong client portfolio and close relationships with 2 of the most powerful media agency networks.


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