Inge Vander Velpen & Renout van Hove

Inge Vander Velpen & Renout van Hove

Pragmatic way of approaching AI.
06/06 – 14.30

Inge Vander Velpen is for more than 15 years passionate about marketing & communication on the one hand and what role technology can play in order to strengthen communication on the other hand.

She worked for several years as managing partner by Boondoggle.

Almost 3 years ago she started as partner and COO by &KOO.

&KOO is a creative network of experts, combining technology and communications skills to deliver all possible services throughout the customer journey

Renout van Hove is in a constant and neverlasting quest for more relevant Marketing, intrigued by new paradigms dicated by new customer behaviour.

He is Ted Talk junky in the morning, Founder / owner / Chief Growth architect at Growthagent & Marketing Automation aficionado during the day.

Also Chief Agency enabler at Actito.

DJ at night.

Father of 5 all the time.

Author of to be published book ‘Obsessed’ – about the Dymistification of Martech and the rise of the AI wired customer.


Pragmatic way of approaching AI.

AI is here to stay, slowly drizzling into our daily lives and work.

But how can it boost your business ?

How can you make it relevant so it strengthens your customer relationship?

We invite you to discover together with us some specific and very accessible AI tools and platforms you can put in to use in your business.